5 Reasons I Love Coconut Oil


1. It squelches sugar cravings: 1 tablespoon of this deliciously creamy oil is a source of instant energy, just like sugar or other carbohydrates. However, it has medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which do not produce the same insulin response, thus saving you from a crash. Plus, unlike sugar, which is inflammatory, coconut oil is anti-inflammatory. Go ahead, eat a tablespoon or jar, or mix it with some cocoa for some chocolatey goodness

Spectrum-Organic-Refined-Coconut-Oil-0225060020052.  It helped heal my gut:  coconut oil is an excellent part of a comprehensive gut-healing protocol. Being anti-inflammatory, it can help soothe inflammation-related issues, as well as help repair damaged gut tissue. The lauric acid and capric acid are powerful anti-microbials so can help kill little buggers, and restore the beneficial flora. I recommend it to my clients with candida, leaky gut, IBS or dysbiosis.  I use it to roast veggies, as it’s also a great high-heat oil (with a much higher smoke point than olive oil).

3. It’s an awesome eye-makeup remover: free from harsh and toxic chemicals and it’s SO moisturizing! Other eye make-up removers would dry my skin out and sometimes burn. Coconut oil leaves the skin around my eyes feeling supple…and it’s inexpensive!

4.  It makes my smoothies delicious and satisfying: in the summertime, I make my smoothies tropical with some pineapple and coconut. I usually add some form of fat to my smoothies like avocado, chia seeds, flax seeds to help make my smoothies more satisfying, and in the case of coconut oil, it also can make them creamy with that same yummy mouth-feel as ice cream, and keeps me full.

5. It’s an excellent exfoliator. I love my sugar scrubs! I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately on how soft my skin is. Instead of spending money on expensive and fancy exfoliation products, I simply mix some coconut oil with a sugar, scrub, rinse and walah! Soft and smooth skin. It’s so easy!

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