8 Ways to Make Space for What You REALLY Want

You know how rose bushes need to be pruned before they can bloom?

I am implementing a notion that we, too, need to be pruned sometimes before we can grow-or flourish- We need to make room for what we REALLY want.

I’m in the process of making space.

I recently did some massive rearranging of the furniture in my home, gave a way a TON of furniture and old clothes to charity, installed a new closet system, and created a home office. In the coming months, I’m creating space for more clients and more space in my calendar to work on launching some exciting new programs (that I know you’ll love!); I’ve made more deliberate space in my calendar for self-care.

In the last few weeks since creating space in my home alone, it has been AMAZING how much lighter I feel energetically, and how many wonderful things have been flowing into my life—opportunities, experiences, connections, new clients, even money.


 Here are 8 ways to create more space:

1.   Instead of being “busy” as a way to fill up time, make space and allow yourself to have that idle time as a way to create space for what you’re really passionate about. Or simply to rest.  

2. Make deliberate space in your calendar for self-care—for the walk, the yoga class, the morning meditation or to cook. 

3. Stop engaging in uncommitted relationship situations “in the meantime” until the committed partner shows up.

4.  Clear off your dinner table and using it as a place to have a sensory experience rather than using it for storage. 

5. Open specific savings accounts for vacations and fun.

6. Make space in your mind by clearing away incessant chatter, especially when it’s charged with negative thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back.

It could ALSO mean, and this is part of a mindfulness practice, which is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL:

7.   Making space for yourself to FEEL.  That means allowing the uncomfortable feelings to be there without numbing them with food or other substances. That also means giving yourself PERMISSION to feel the blissful ones.

8.   Making space for yourself to RESPOND IN A SKILLFUL WAY to triggers rather than to REACT.  (I talked more about this in this post).

Therein lies our freedom.

If you’re craving some space and support in the process:  I’m facilitating a Mindful Eating & Living group in Seattle for a limited number of people.  I would love for you to make space in your calendar and invest in yourself by joining me.

For more information and to register, click here!




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