Words are powerful.

 Think about how good communication can breed and maintain healthy relationships with our partners, friends and family.

In the same way, good communication with ourselves can not only foster feeling states of wellbeing, it can also alter how we view and treat our bodies, and in return, how our bodies will treat us.  When you have a good relationship with your body, you will naturally do things that support creating the body you desire–letting go of destructive habits and instead intuitively doing things (i.e. eating nourishing foods, exercising, meditating, etc.) to create a well-functioning body that you enjoy being in.

A good relationship with your body evolves, just like a friendship.

Below are 7 affirmations to use as daily dialog with yourself. Work with a few at a time—write them on a notecard and/or post-it and put it places you will be reminded to say them to yourself, and watch yourself evolve! It may not happen over night, but like any relationship, it takes some investment and a choice to love.

  Love is often a choice, rather than a feeling.

Sometimes we  have to CHOOSE to act in ways that are loving, and the feelings follow (rather than the other way around.)  Start by making a choice to talk to yourself in a certain way:

1.)    I have a beautiful body that I care for

2.)    I trust in my ability to give my body exactly what it needs

3.)    I treat my body well, and, in return it treats me well

4.)    I have peace in my body

5.)    I take responsibility to heal my negative beliefs about my body. I experience my body as radiantly healthy

6.)    I take responsibility to think energizing thoughts. I choose to have a positive and grateful attitude about my body





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