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3 Steps for Dealing with Hunger

  When untangling the web of of a dysfunctional relationship to food, learning to work WITH your hunger, rather than AGAINST it, is a key piece of the puzzle. Yo-yo dieting and rigid food rules disconnect us from knowing what

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4 Things I Learned from Viktor Frankl to Create Freedom with Food

I sometimes get awe-struck. I’ll be facilitating a mindful eating group or will be working with a client one-one-one and as I’m teaching skills and transformative exercises that help them become better at regulating their emotions, and their responses, thereby

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A Sure-Fire (and Unexpected) Way to Become an Intuitive Eater


I’m on day 7 of a 21-day detox.  I normally do a purification program once a year, but this time I’m doing an autoimmune/leaky gut protocol (eating clean foods while taking specific supplements to create a rockstar gut environment).  While

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The Force That Shapes Your Health…and Life


Something I’ve been chewing on a lot lately is this human condition to stay in situations and ways of living that are causing misery and tons of pain… or are mediocre but not fulfilling…or are satisfying but it clearly could

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Words are powerful.  Think about how good communication can breed and maintain healthy relationships with our partners, friends and family. In the same way, good communication with ourselves can not only foster feeling states of wellbeing, it can also alter

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5 Reasons I Love Coconut Oil


 BEAUTY ON THE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE! 1. It squelches sugar cravings: 1 tablespoon of this deliciously creamy oil is a source of instant energy, just like sugar or other carbohydrates. However, it has medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which do not produce

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The Secret to Creating Health and Happiness

 As a nutritionist and health coach, I support people in conquering their bad habits; seeing their blind spots; and pleasurably creating their ideal bodies so they have more energy, bliss and are able to live incredible lives…without deprivation. Something I’ve

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What Productive People Have

I was listening to a webinar last night by Brendon Burchard, who, similar to Tony Robbins, is a peak performance expert. He was discussing the habits of highly successful people, those who  have the sustained energy to go out and

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Comparison Robs us of Joy

As a business owner/entrepreneur and self-development nerd, I have been making a conscientious effort to spend more time around people who are a few years ahead of me in their “success”. This is partly because being around such people is

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Are Your Food Prefences Perception or Reality?


I was leading a workshop last weekend and a component of it involved a mindful eating practice. I passed around some edible “objects” and instructed the participants to take one, hold it in their palm and first examine this thing

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