I’m grateful for the struggle.

Eating Mindful

I have a daily mindset practice which involves journaling and usually includes gratitude.

There's a ton of research out there about how gratitude changes our neural networks, primes our brain and even makes us feel more "happy" by releasing serotonin and dopamine.

ANYWAY, there's a situation in my life that...I'm processing...and I found myself writing:

"I'm grateful for the struggle"...

What's interesting is that the moment I wrote that I shifted from feeling heavy to feeling more light and at peace.

I GET to wrestle with it.

I get to go inward.

To explore.

To discover.

Have insights.



I get to grow-



Shift into Integrity.

I GET to step into a higher version of myself and my life which means I ALSO get to experience more meaning and fulfillment.

So, yes! I'm grateful for the struggle!

Sometimes we get caught up in the stories ABOUT the struggle, or we judge it, and perhaps we use food or another substance to cope.

I've taken that route, too.

By "taken that route", I mean-

I stayed stuck. I stayed IN the struggle.

There's another way. An actual "route"-

It first involves acceptance OF the struggle. Acceptance is a key to mindfulness, by the way.

Once we accept whatever we are experiencing/feeling/thinking (which, by the way, is not the same as resignation) -

We then can move THROUGH it rather than numb out FROM it.

Which means:

Acceptance --> Clarity --> Shifts --> Steps --> Momentum --> Amazing things happen.

Are you ready to see your struggles as opportunities for growth?!

Say it with me: "I am grateful for the struggle".


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