Success Stories

“Meredith is awesome. I have been to other nutritionists before but none of them helped me deal with my diet issues emotionally which is something I really appreciate about my sessions with her. Also, she taught me how to use my intuition and my body to get a better sense of which foods would agree with me or not. I definitely recommend her for anyone needing a diet change or help with food related issues in general. You rock!”

-B.D, Seattle, Washington


“Working with Meredith has been amazing! After years of GI illness, she helped me actually work through my root issues with food. Mindfulness was key—Meredith’s approach is unlike other nutritionists I’ve been to and is highly effective. Meredith has emboldened me to love myself more fully and give in to my inner foodie! I could not be happier with my experience.” –Avery,  Seattle, Washington


” After years of struggling with anxiety, depression, and emotional eating I was introduced to Meredith.  I am busy working mom trying to balance it all and at first was skeptical of adding another regular meeting to my schedule.  However, after only a few visits, I quickly learned these meetings were the key to helping me accomplish everything else I want to do in life.

Over the past year, my life has changed significantly for the better.   Meredith has taken the time to help me rediscover myself and learn how to look at the world in a different light.  By focusing on being mindful I am able to accomplish far more than I ever thought possible.  I am now much more calm in stressful situations because Meredith has helped me identify and prepare me with countless tools for all situations.  I am able to be truly present in all situations which has helped me be a more attentive mother, a more loving wife, and a more successful employee at work.

My self-confidence has improved dramatically! I received a promotion at work, have been accepted into a local leadership program, auditioned for my first solo in my choir, and I have lost 22 pounds all in the past 12 months.  Meredith is compassionate and inspirational.  She has helped me unlock my true inner potential and I am excited for what the future will bring me.  I continue to meet with Meredith to explore new opportunities and develop goals for my future.

I strongly recommend Meredith for anyone looking for a life-changing experience for results that will last for a lifetime”. -Leslie, Seattle, Washington

“When I went to see Meredith I was calorie counting and over exercising only to continue to gain weight. In the past year I had lost and gained 25 pounds, I was incredibly frustrated with yo-yo dieting and knew I couldn’t live the rest of my life this way. My husband and I were in the beginning stages of planning for a family and I knew I didn’t want to enter pregnancy with food issues so I decided to contact Meredith. Meredith and I made goals around how I wanted to feel about myself and she helped me take a deeper look at my relationship with food. With her help I was able to change my approach to nutrition and heal some of the damage I had done to my body through restricting my food intake for the last 10 years. After a few months of healing some of my emotional food issues Meredith recommended I go through the purification program. This was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It helped to jump start my weight loss, but more importantly I’ve relearned how to read my body’s signals and to crave real nutrition. When I first started this journey I never thought I would be a person who wasn’t always dieting, I can’t believe how far I’ve come in just a few short months. I highly recommend working with Meredith if you have struggled with your relationship with food. She is an incredible listener and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition. She is compassionate and caring and really is by your side throughout your journey.”

-Abby M, Seattle, Washington


“Working with Meredith has been incredible. She’s guided me toward learning how to treat my body right by eating things that make me feel good, instead of being in the negative head space of thinking “I need a diet to lose weight”, which has led me to more positive self-talk and more love of my own body and image. Ultimately by eating right to feel good, I’ve also lost inflammation and inches on my waist which was a lovely added bonus. On top of that, she also dove into some of my anxiety issues with me, and by using tools like mindfulness I’ve been able to learn how to keep myself calm in the face of anxiety. I highly recommend Meredith for everything she can teach and help you with. 🙂 ”  -Courtney, Seattle, WA


“I had been flaring for over 9 months when I first met Meredith.  It was easy to see the physical implications that my Crohn’s was having on my life, but few saw the emotional turmoil it was putting me through as well.  After doctors prescribed, prescribed, prescribed all to no avail, I sought help in a different manner.  Meredith looked for the cause of my problem and not just for the solution.  I saw immediate improvement after implementing some of her supplements and changing my diet. She stuck with me as an emotional support system as well, always concerned with how I was feeling through all parts of the process.  I could tell with every correspondence how much thought and care she put into each new situation and that I wasn’t just some case study.  Her personal approach allowed me to change my life, put back on the weight I had lost, have more energy to play with my son, and become a more vibrant personality.  I’m not completely ‘healed’, but the fear I always lived with even between flares is completely gone, and my life is brighter for the foreseeable future. “

-Travis V, Overland Park, KS


“Working with Meredith and completing her Purification Program enabled me to lose weight, increase my fat burn (losing fat, not muscle) and improve my performance levels at the gym.  I’m no longer constantly craving something even when I’m full, no more headaches or crankiness-and I have higher energy levels throughout the day.  I have gotten better at cooking and figuring out what mix of what would keep me happy as a meal.  More importantly, working with Meredith has helped me change my relationship to food.  Avoiding junk food stopped being a denial–the feeling reversed:  “I want that but I can’t have it” turned into “I could have that, but I don’t really want to give up feeling this good.” I am prone to cravings or yo-yo dieting so this is a pretty big freaking deal. It’s a fundamental shift in my daily habits away from damaging and towards long-term health.  I can see and feel the difference it’s made on my body and has tied action to consequence on an emotional level.  I now have an actual, physical, gut-level understanding of “healthy choices = healthy body.” That’s a rational “well duh” but an emotional “eureka!” for me. It colors every meal and snack choice I make now. I save room for a cookie and such, sure…but it’s much easier to balance the good with the indulgences, now. Meredith is my go-to nutrition expert. I recommend her to all of my friends and gym cohorts who are noticing the positive changes in my body and life.”

-Chris C,


“Meredith is a breath of fresh air.  She is an excellent listener and takes time to truly understand the depth of issues. Unexpectedly, she has been a great advocate for improving my self esteem.  She has meaningful and powerful messages to share.”   -Megan E, Seattle, WA


“I am extremely happy to have Meredith as my nutritionist. She has a very unique approach to nutrition. She sees it very holistically and examines the psychological aspect of it, which is usually overlooked by other nutrition professionals. She has a very casual style and has told me many wise things about food that have stuck with me. I also participated in her Intuitive Eating Group and that was a wonderful experience. Before attending the Intuitive Eating Group, I used to see a lot of foods as my enemies. After the group, I realized that all of them are my partners in providing me energy and enjoyment. E.g. one big realization I made was that I was depriving myself of salt, which is actually an important nutrient. Since then I added more salt to my diet and I have fewer cravings for less healthy snacks like chips etc. Meredith has helped me feel less guilt and be more at peace in my relationship with food and with my body. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their relationship with food.”  – Jenny, Seattle, WA


“My anxiety disorder and panic attacks were really having an effect on my digestive system; my body felt bloated and sluggish, and like it didn’t belong to me as though I had no connection to my physical self.  At my first session with Meredith we started by meditating for a few minutes which made me relax and feel more open to describing my symptoms.  Her first action was to prescribe me with a probiotic to recondition my gut flora, and to suggest some whole food based supplements that would support my pancreas function.  She also taught me how to nourish myself, rather than to just eat; my stomach stopped hurting and my digestive system began to normalize.  Encouraged by my progress I decided to participate in her purification program and it completely changed my life.  I lost 14lbs and felt so much more energized that I no longer needed to nap in the afternoon.  I was no longer irritable and my anxiety disorder began to fade away, for the first time in years I could drive on the freeway without having to pull over.  Importantly I have learned how to nurture myself through food; I have a diet that is unique to me and a frequency of eating that keeps me satisfied but not full.  This journey also gave me a deep interest in the power of nutrition and food as medicine. Today I feel relaxed and in tune with my body, I am clear-headed and I have been told that my skin and eyes sparkle (no joke!).  My family also eats a more nutritious diet, it will take a while to undo all the bad habits that I had previously instilled in my daughter, but we are making great progress with whole food choices.  I would definitely recommend Meredith to anyone who wants to rehabilitate, to detox and to understand their relationship with food and nutrition.”  -Christina P, Seattle, WA


“After two years of struggling through traditional medical treatments for inflammation-related challenges including joint pain, psoriasis and eczema, I consulted with Meredith Milton to explore a more natural, nutrition-based approach. Meredith recommended her Purification Program. She provided insightful and supportive guidance, helping tailor the program to my needs and lifestyle. The result was a significant reduction in symptoms, greater energy and increased vitality.  In particular, the joint pain and facial eczema went away and the psoriasis improved. An added benefit was that my husband also became more interested in nutritional healing and began changing his food choices to healthier alternatives.

Thank you, Meredith, for leading us to lasting solutions that have all kinds of long term health benefits!”

L.K.M., Kansas


“Meredith’s knowledge base in nutrition and meditation is extensive.  I could see how passionate she was about her work from our very first visit.  She listens openly, compassionately, and without judgment before providing feedback and recommendations.  I highly recommend working with Meredith if you are looking for someone to help you have a healthier and more loving relationship with yourself and with food.”

-Andrea S, Kirkland, WA


“I participated in both Meredith’s Purification Program and her Mindful Eating group. She challenged me to stick with the detox/purification cleanse even when it got rough, and my eating habits haven’t been the same since; I can’t even tell you how much of a difference that cleanse made in terms of lowering my sugar consumption and enhancing cravings for real, nutritious, delicious food.

Meredith has consistently inspired me to bring mindfulness and self-compassion to my relationship with food, to pay more and more attention to how my food/beverage choices affect how I feel over the short- vs. long-term, and to pay attention to how I can more effectively address any unpleasant emotion that needs to be recognized.  She has provided consistent, patient, loving support and has helped me identify self-limiting thoughts and beliefs to the point where I often find myself able to act in alignment with my values and goals in even if they are present, rather than buying into them.”

-Michelle M, Seattle, WA


“Before working with Meredith, I was struggling with a lot of emotional stress, depression and anxiety that were not fully cured through counseling and psychiatry. My diet previously consisted of mostly processed foods and I tended to rush through eating and saw it as “another activity to soak up time in my day. I wasn’t sleeping well at night.   After working with Meredith, I have dramatically altered my day to day eating, am cooking and preparing meals and snacks and I feel like a completely different person. I feel better about what I am eating and it has changed my life for the better.  I feel happier and more upbeat and am able to reaffirm the changes I’m making in my life. I am forever grateful for how she kicked my butt into gear. ”

-Paul M, Seattle


“Meredith has given me useful guidance with regard to weight loss, my problems with inflammation as well as changes that benefit my overall well-being.  She offers specific ideas and instructions so I am able to develop manageable action steps. I know what I need to do, to eat, or what supplements are the best for my problem. She is able to help me understand the changes she suggests by explaining how foods work for or against me in my body. Her understanding and then specific applications make it easier to make the changes. She has taught me the value of mindfulness and meditation which impacts my stress, energy levels, and general well-being. Meredith is open and ready to help me with my questions or issues as I learn to implement things. She encourages me in my small successes and offers support when I need to “recalculate”.  She makes me feel cared for and that I have a companion to work with me in this lifelong task of creating a healthy lifestyle.”

-PT, Kansas City, MO



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