What you try to control, controls you.

Eating Mindful

Have you ever noticed this?

I hear this all the time: "I just want to feel in control with food."

The more you TRY to control, the more you fall victim to food controlling YOU.

Control is an illusion, babe. What you REALLY want is to be empowered.

Empowerment might feel a bit like control but it has more of a sense of ease, confidence and integrity rather than willpower and force.

It's the difference between I WANT to, and I "should" so I'm going to force myself to...

Empowerment is something you claim and own (and usually have to shift your mindset around) and then -

Things just flow. You are acting FROM a place of empowerment rather than waiting for things be just so in order TO feel empowered.

THAT'S how you get results.

That's how you create a healthy relationship to food.

Let go of trying to control.... and step into your power.


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