Intuitive Eating Group


What would your life be like if you no longer obsessed about food and/or your weight?

What if, you instinctively knew what foods to eat and when for YOUR body? No rigid rules or calorie counting required.

How would you feel if you were able to “figure out” how to function without emotional eating?

What if, instead of numbing yourself out with food you were able to actually BE with those emotions and respond to them productively?

What if, by choosing NOT to numb, you experienced more joy in your life?

What if you experienced less stress and more pleasure, thereby lessening the need to use food or other escape coping mechanisms?


You’d have more peace and more balance.

You’d have more freedom.

You would feel more confident.

You would be able to show up for yourself and by doing so, would perform better at work, parent better, have more fulfilling friendships/relationships.

You would have more clarity of mind and energy so that you could engage in the things that you are passionate about…or even discover new things to be passionate about.

You would find peace in your body and in your relationship to food.


This is absolutely possible for you. I know because I have been through the struggle and have emerged an intuitive eater. I’m going to teach you how to do the same.



In this six-week group, you will be empowered to:

  • Become one of those “naturally fit” people who intuitively knows what to eat and when without following a rigid diet or counting calories (Because that backfires! You’ll learn how!).

  • Eat superfoods in the right combination to fuel your metabolism, and boost your mood

  • Reduce stress and anxiety—the biggest triggers for emotional eating and binge eating

  • Incorporate more pleasure and passion into your life

  • Find more peace and satisfaction in your body


This group is for you if you:

  • Are through with dieting, especially yo-yo dieting

  • Struggle with emotional eating and know that life would be more fulfilling if you could cope with emotions in healthy ways

  • Want to be empowered with a nutrition “template” to follow rather than rigid rules, while also knowing what’s best for YOU.
  • Know that deep down you have the capabilities but need some guidance and support

  • Want freedom and joy in your relationship to food and your body, which ultimately will bring more joy in your life.

  • Are ready to do the inner work necessary to propel yourself to new heights on your self-development journey


This group will include:

  • Food planning guidance
  • Intuition and awareness building exercises (meditations) to help you become your own nutrition expert

  • Supportive discussion

  • Stress reduction tools

  • Mindful eating practice with snacks

  • Handouts and reading material

  • Mp3s/CDs of meditations/exercises for home practice


What past participants have said:

“Participating in the Mindful Eating and Living group was one of the best decisions I have made.  Meredith creates a safe environment in which you can come as you are, and be truthful about your struggles with eating, body image, and stress in your life.  She has unique gifts and wisdom, and  taught me a lot about self-compassion and living more in the moment.  I loved the group nature of the sessions, and gained much insight from other women in the group.  The biggest change in my life from participating in this group has been an ability to slow down much more in my mind, and to not engage negative self talk the way I have done my whole life.  Eating mindfully for me will be a long journey, and I feel like this group gave me additional skills to move farther into becoming an intuitive eater.” -Katie E, Seattle

” The Mindful Eating and Living journey has truly been a life-changing experience for me personally.  The introduction to meditation along with the mindful practice techniques have opened up a new chapter for me in my life.  I am able to handle the stresses of every-day life in a more balanced, mindful way that has resulted in my ability to make better choices in daily life – I am even sleeping more restfully – which is a huge benefit!  Thank you Meredith for such a fantastic journey!”  -Cindy R, Edmonds, WA

“There were several things I enjoyed about the group and the course. I liked the kinship of being with others who are trying to make healthy changes. It was encouraging and at times inspiring. Some of the changes I have made since participating include eating more vegetables and fruits, limiting processed foods, and thinking about the balance of protein, healthy carbohydrates and fats at each meal or snack.  I am also paying attention to whether I am really hungry before I eat.”  -Karen K, Seattle

“Participating in Meredith’s Intuitive Eating Group was a wonderful experience. Before attending the Intuitive Eating Group, I used to see a lot of foods as my enemies. After the group, I realized that all of them are my partners in providing me energy and enjoyment. E.g. one big realization I made was that I was depriving myself of salt, which is actually an important nutrient. Since then I added more salt to my diet and I have fewer cravings for less healthy snacks like chips etc. Meredith has helped me feel less guilt and be more at peace in my relationship with food and with my body. I would gladly recommend her and the group to anyone who is looking to improve their relationship with food.” -Jenny, Seattle


At the end of these 6-weeks, you will:

Have a powerful new toolkit to reduce stress and live mindfully

Have cultivated new skills and mindsets that will help you stop emotionally eating and obsessing about food.

Make new healthier food and lifestyle choices.

You will be able to respond to triggers in a skillful way.

Experience a greater sense of peace and calm being in your own body

Become more intuitive, more mindful, more self-compassionate, more positive, more resilient!

PLUS!  Every group participant will receive

  • One free private 45-min coaching session with Meredith


Your health and food freedom are worth your investment!  You deserve to feel your best, live to your fullest potential and experience profound self-growth!

MINDFUL EATING & LIVING  is currently in session.