I am Meredith Milton, a Seattle-based nutritionist and mindful eating coach. I help motivated women & men become healthy, happy & whole.

My mission to to empower women & men to create lives and bodies they love, and to become the very best version of themselves.

I believe beauty starts on the inside ~ not just on a cellular level, but also on a self-esteem level. I also believe that beauty isn't just about cosmetics and appearance, but also about feeling confident, blissful and vital.

Being healthy & whole includes feeling good in, and trusting, our bodies. Nourishing ourselves through a whole-foods, (mostly) plant-based diet, and tapping into our intuition. Our bodies are VERY wise afterall. We just need to learn to listen (and usually provide some basic nourishment on the front-end to teach our bodies what being nourished feels like).

It also includes emotional, mental and spiritual health.

I am a Certified Nutritionist with a Master's degree in Nutrition but my work is about SO MUCH MORE THAN MEAL PLANS.

When you work with me, you receive guidance on eating, yes...but you also receive coaching around areas in which you feel stuck, which may or may not be directly related to what you are putting in your mouth. What you put in your mouth (and if you overeat or emotionally eat) may be related to underlying physical or emotional imbalances that we will explore together.

While you will receive structure, you will NOT receive rigid and boring food plans or count anything. We will work together to optimize the function of all organ systems through nutrition, which will help you feel healthier....and an added bonus that my clients report is greater self-esteem, ability to manage stress and enjoyment of life.

Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • I need guidance in figuring out what and how to eat for ME
  • I want to feel healthier
  • I want to be light and free from my issues with food
  • I want to heal (digestive health, hormone imbalances, diabetes or otherwise)
  • I yearn to be free from IBS
  • I want help with identifying food sensitivities/allergies and what to do about them
  • I want help managing my autoimmune disease
  • I want to alleviate stress, depression and/or anxiety
  • I want to boost my moods and energy levels
  • I want to feel confident and comfortable in my body
  • I can't seem to stop overeating, emotional eating or stress eating and it's impacting the quality of my life
  • I need support on how to better connect with my body and become my own nutrition/health expert

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, and are motivated to transform, then you will benefit from my program.

Life is meant to be savored and fulfilling! That includes our experience with food and our bodies.

We can be fit, lean and healthy, love ourselves, and enjoy the process of getting there! My approach draws from my education and training in nutrition and the mind-body connection (including mindfulness), life coaching, and whole-person health.

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To your health and happiness,

Meredith Milton, MS, CN