Words are powerful.  Think about how good communication can breed and maintain healthy relationships with our partners, friends and family. In the same way, good communication with ourselves can not only foster feeling states of wellbeing, it can also alter how we view and treat our bodies, and in return, […]


I was listening to a webinar last night by Brendon Burchard, who, similar to Tony Robbins, is a peak performance expert. He was discussing the habits of highly successful people, those who  have the sustained energy to go out and GET THINGS DONE.  He has mainly been interested in studying […]

What Productive People Have

As a business owner/entrepreneur and self-development nerd, I have been making a conscientious effort to spend more time around people who are a few years ahead of me in their “success”. This is partly because being around such people is inspiring, but also because that’s what I’ve been coached to […]

Comparison Robs us of Joy

I had a couple of weeks that were emotionally challenging, and despite many years of learning to work with my emotions and find healthy coping mechanisms, I felt a sense of what I can only describe as a relapse that I hadn’t felt in MONTHS. Worry that it WAS a […]

How to Stop Overeating, Part Two

Have you ever had the experience some people call ‘synchronicity’, where certain messages repeatedly cross your path, as though to smack you in the face to get your attention?  I’ve experienced this phenomena many times, and I can’t explain it, but I believe there’s some reason why I need to receive […]

How Self-Compassion Will Help You Eat Better (and Some Other ...