Food Freedom by Choosing to be OK

Eating Mindful

I spent a fair amount of time on/in/near the water this weekend: stand up paddle boarding, swimming in a lake, jumping off diving boards, enjoying cocktails and food next to the water at different restaurants and walking 2.8 miles around a lake.

Water is the element I'm most drawn to right now. I'm not entirely sure why and I'm not going to over-analyze it....what I AM going to do is embrace it. Love it. Savor it. Make the most of it. Be in the moment FOR it.

There was a time when I was taking my life WAY too seriously (and binge eating)...

I transitioned to allowing more play/adventure/fun/pleasure into my life (and simultaneously created a healthy relationship to food -- coincidence? No.)

Nuggets of wisdom I learned through this process:

Instead of waiting for circumstances to be "just so" to give yourself permission to enjoy your life and instead of putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on yourself to be "perfect", which usually involves a lot of rigid routines an discipline-


ALLOW yourself to adventure, to play, to have fun -

Be fully checked IN, which involves checking OUT from all of the "shoulds"...

Experience. Delight In. Relish.


You will find that by doing so, you no longer need to use food as though it's your only chance....

There will be less "what the hell" eating as a way to comfort yourself, and more of a "I'm so full on LIFE that food is appealing as fuel but not as a savior from my misery."

The truth right now, gorgeous? You ARE OK. Exactly as you are right now.

You are likely using food as a way to fill the need TO be OK.

In reality, there's nothing you need to DO - you don't NEED to embark on water adventures OR binge eat -

Well, I take that back - you do need to make a mindset shift -

When you simply choose to be ok in whatever moment you're in RIGHT NOW - without judging it - you will discover that you're FREE.

That freedom will guide you to find what's truly fulfilling.

There is NEVER a choice-less moment, love.

As Tony Robbins says: "Your destiny is determined by your choices. Choose now. Choose well."

That truly might be as simple as choosing to JUST BE OK right now.


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