This light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.

When you want someone or something to show you the way to your own heart -

When you feel lost and confused and detached – and maybe, MAYBE (Hopefully!)

They - or It - will be the answer you've been seeking, searching for, longing, hoping for -

And when you lock it in, all will be well – you'll feel at home in your life, in your body-

You'll feel like you're floating on air and connected and living out the absolute greatest version of your life and yourself....

But you need them or it to validate you - to prove that you have value – to prove that you are worthy of – what?

Attention, love, affection, desire?

Well, let me tell you something beautiful - you HAVE value, just BECAUSE – no proving or earning or validating required.

I had a full blown realization of this in yoga today – beyond intellectualizing it – really KNOWING, with every fiber of my being, that this was true.

The best way to tap into this?

Connect to what lights you up.

Connect to how you can GIVE.

Connect to simple sensory pleasures: Mindfulness in action, baby.

Connect to YOU – through movement, meditation, journaling, fueling your passions –

Live in your zone of genius – allow your greatness to SHINE.

Which means, there's not much you have to "DO", rather just ALLOW.

You often run to food or other numbing substances because you are misaligned; you aren't connected with this wellspring deep down within you - the absolute effing amazing-ness that lives inside you, a mere flickering glimmer just waiting to be LIT UP

OR you are TERRIFIED of it

Why? You think you don’t deserve it?

It's ok for someone else to be a badass, to be powerfully feminine, to be living life on their terms and loving every minute of it – but not you?

Well – I'm calling bullshit on that one.

You have SO much boldness, genius, power, MAGIC inside of you just waiting for permission to be let out -

It's bursting at the seams-

It may even be feeling trapped – anxiously stirring, calling to be unleashed!

And THAT is part of the discomfort you are feeling -

So – all you have to do?




Let it FLOW -


And when someone or something (including your own silly thoughts or beliefs) try to dim the light or blow it out?

Light it up again.

Open up again.

Allow it to flow AGAIN.


Eventually your light will stay lit for longer periods of time and with more intensity -

And like moths – all that you desire will be DRAWN TO your gorgeous, awe-inspiring, MAGNANIMOUS flame -

To your glory.

So – instead of waiting for those things/people/situations to be drawn to you to ALLOW your brightness to glow - to RADIATE OUT -




Be the flame that draws in those moths – those things you so desperately long for -

Give yourself permission.

Baby, they are YOURS.

Just waiting for you to light up so they can see the way TO YOU.

Show them they way.

It's time, gorgeous.  It's time to play full out. 



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